Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Commodore 64 JavaScript Emulator

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Tim de Koning has done what folks do best with their winter holidays…. created something fun :)

With JSC64 he has ported the Flash version to give us an emulator for the Commodore 64 in JavaScript.

Tim’s work uses Canvas and he provides a jQuery plugin if you are that way inclined. It is fun to check out the source on GitHub.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:06 am

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Awesome, 2 people, same idea. I wrote another C64 emulator in pure javascript from scratch. Not yet fully video-mode supported like yours, but faster in boot-time. See a demo: http://jancona.com/c64

Great work!


Comment by schneideratjancona — January 5, 2010

Sorry, use the correct link instead ;-) http://jancona.com/c64/

Comment by schneideratjancona — January 5, 2010

great, now if someone can just port over Forbidden Forrest and Aztec Challenge so I can finally finish them 25 years later, I’d be set.

Comment by igaenssley — January 5, 2010

Shouldn’t that be “Javascript Commodore 64 emulator” :)

Comment by yogurtearl — January 5, 2010

Will it make the clicking and whirring noises to tell me when the cassette tape drive comes on?

Comment by starkraving — January 5, 2010

Here’s a port of a cycle-accurate C64 display (JSIDPlay) for Safari: http://cromwellian.appspot.com/websid/index.html

It comes from the Jac64 distribution which takes no shortcuts in emulation.

Comment by cromwellian — January 5, 2010

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