Monday, December 11th, 2006

Calc 5: Online 3D Calculator

Category: Showcase

Andrew of the calc5 team has announced Calc 5, an online calculator that plots graphs.

The tool uses canvas (or canvas emulation), and you can travel around the graphs a la Google Maps.

With calc5 you can plot 2d and 3d graphs, make symbolic calculations such as derivation, browse 2d graphs same way as you browse map in your favorite mapping service with zooming and panning.

Calc 5

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:44 pm

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Now this is where TECHNICAL vs PRACTICAL is successful.
Tools like these are useful, regardless of its technology behind it.

Comment by Simon Jia — December 11, 2006

Very nice! Reminds me of Walter Zorn’s fn grapher.

Comment by Alexei — December 11, 2006

Keep clicking the smoothness button, I great way to crash your browser :)

Comment by Dominic Pettifer — December 11, 2006

You can find similar AJAX functionality at:

Comment by axel — December 12, 2006

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