Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Call for Proposals: TheServerSide Presents TheClientSide

Hello Ajaxians!

Our sister site, TheServerSide.com, is looking for proposals for  ‘TheServerSide Presents TheClientSide’ — a conference within a conference at TheServerSide Java Symposium 2010–which focuses on the needs of developers who work on distributed application client. Submit your proposals to cfptheserverside@techtarget.com

About the event:
TheServerSide presents TheClientSide will offer a broader range of client and user interface technologies and techniques, such as JavaFX, Flash/Flex, Silverlight, more user interface frameworks, and UI architectures such as JSF. If it runs on or interacts with the client, we want to hear about it.

About the audience:
Our audience is developers who work on distributed application clients. This includes Java developers who use JSF, Ajax, JavaFX or similar client technology; Microsoft developers who use Ajax, ASP.NET, or Silverlight; and SOA developers who are building service front ends on any platform. Fully 85% of our potential audience members are engaged in building Rich Internet Applications of some sort. 75% said they were working with rich Web front-ends, while composite applications (30%), mobile (18%), and mashups (17%) were also popular. For those working with rich Web front-ends, Ajax (80%) was by far the most popular approach. The most popular Ajax frameworks were jQuery (38%), GWT (23%), Prototype (23%), and RichFaces (19%). The biggest challenges noted in client-side development were cross-browser incompatibilities (63%), technical complexity (47%), lack of client-side design skills (38%), performance (36%), and security (30%).

Types of Presentations:
We are looking for exciting technical presentations that address developer’s challenges with pragmatic, proven solutions; attendees should leave your session with tips and tricks, tools and techniques that they can immediately use. Successful case studies based on your own experience are also popular. TSSJS is a conference by developers for developers, so please – no fluff, self-promotion, or sales pitches. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this. Presentations will be 60 minutes including Q & A.

We are accepting proposals in the following areas:

TheClientSide will offer the audience presentations on client topics, including
1. Web frameworks,
2. UI components and Faces,
3. Rich Internet Applications,
4. Ajax, and similar topics surrounding client-side computing
5. And user interface implementation.

What’s in it for you:
In addition to the recognition and respect of your peers as an expert in the area, we can provide some assistance with travel and lodging. Due to a limited budget for speaker travel assistance, preference will be given to speakers based in the US.

What to submit:
Your bio: No more than 100 words
Your photo: jpeg preferred
Session proposal: Use the provided provided proposal template. Only complete proposals in the template will be reviewed.

How to submit your proposal:
Send your proposal with bio to cfptheserverside@techtarget.com

Important dates:
Earliest date to submit proposals: Immediately
Latest date to submit proposals: Monday, November 16, 2009

After we receive your proposal:
We will acknowledge receipt of your proposal within two business days. We will review and evaluate your proposal not only for its individual merit but in comparison with other proposals. Please understand that this review process takes some time but we will be sure to get back to you to inform you whether or not your proposal has been accepted.

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