Friday, August 19th, 2005

Can Ajax be running partner of Web services?

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The press has been asking me a lot about the correlation between Ajax and Web services. Somehow they seem to really want to put some link together there :)

“Will Ajax help increase web service development?”

The piece, Can Ajax be running partner of Web services?, goes into this:

“While Ajax isn’t a necessary part of SOA, they’re certainly an optimal pairing,” said Kevin Hakman, director of product marketing for Tibco Software Inc.’s Ajax-based graphical interface tool. “They’re able to leverage each other’s strengths.”

Last year Tibco bought General Interface in what seemed like an odd pairing, but with a third-generation Ajax tool ready to hit the market on Sept. 12, it now looks like the Palo Alto, Calif., company has caught itself the next big wave, along with other vendors making an Ajax push, such as Sun Microsystems Inc. and Microsoft. With its new tool, Tibco hopes to provide the runtime partner to the devtime business of Web services and integration.

“You can actually develop in parallel,” Hakman said. “If teams can get together in the early phases and agree on the user interfaces, then the handoffs can be memorialized in a WSDL[Web Service Description Language].”

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