Friday, December 30th, 2005

Canvas in IE

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As soon as we saw SVG, Ben thought that it would be quite possible to take the VML support that IE has had for a long time, and make a converter that would make a subset of SVG work in IE.

Emil Eklund had the same thought, and acted on it.

In this case, his demo was actually in porting some of Canvas over to IE. You can check out the demo to see it in action, and see the JavaScript and HTC code.

Great work Emil!


Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:09 am

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Beautiful. And I’m sure there are gotchas, but still … beautiful.

Comment by Tom — December 30, 2005

Hey, this also works in mozilla firefox 1.5 and later. Full svg support. I love it :)

Comment by Popovic Aleksandar — January 5, 2006

Hey, this works in Mozilla Firefox 1.5 also! Cool…

Comment by Sasa Popovic — January 5, 2006

I noticed the load in IE6 was a bit slow. Not sure if that’s my machine. But anyhow, I consider this “hack” to be significant. I’m surprised more people aren’t talking this up. from a pure web design perspective, SVG allows for the use of transparency and gradient without large file downloads. I think this is a big deal and am glad I don’t have to “settle” for SVG to work only on FF and IE7. Way to go Ben!

Comment by Dave Hemminger — February 6, 2006

[…] We discussed Canvas in IE when Emil Eklund did a proof of concept. […]

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Here’s an example of cross browser Canvas that degrades…

Comment by Paul Colton — March 27, 2006

Works wonderfully.Can I render text?Pl let me know


Comment by cvrao — April 5, 2006

Wonderful.Can I render Text?


Comment by cvrao — April 5, 2006

Can I render text?Pl let me know


I want to learn it and use it.

Comment by east young — August 24, 2006

[…] Use Canvas. Canvas was introduced in Safari and now in Firefox and Opera too. No sign of life in IE, but this there’s a fantastic hack (via Ajaxian) that emulates SVG using IE’s native VML support (more on VML below). […]

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