Monday, December 26th, 2005

Canvas Reflection.js

Category: Canvas

We pointed you to Romain Guy’s reflection in Canvas.

“Cow” took inspiration from Romain’s work and created reflection.js, to allow you to add this effect in a degradable fashion.

The more cool things we see with Canvas (only scratching the surface), the more we wish IE started to support it!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:48 am

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Very cool!

Comment by Paul D — December 26, 2005

Just one thing why do you want to see Mcgyver with a christman head in a reflection!

Comment by Gijs — December 27, 2005

My photoblog ” ” use canvas effect and scriptaculous (web 2 style script) . But work only with safari and FF 1.5 Mac/pc …

Comment by Pulssart — January 18, 2006

Hi, somebody know why it work diferent with IE 7 ?

with FireFox work excelent, buy IE the reflection is more large that the sourse image.

it is something at my code?


Comment by Andres — November 18, 2006

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