Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Cappuccino 0.8: auto-spriting, components, tools, and CommonJS

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The Cappuccino team have gotten a new version of the toolkit available before JSConf. Version 0.8 comes with auto-spriting, new components, new tools, all on top of CommonJS and Jake.

Check out some of the new components:

and the rest:

Automagic Image Spriting

We alluded to this feature a little while ago when we first announced it at JSConf EU, and now you can finally take it for a spin: automatic image spriting. Yes you read correctly, no more having to manually decide which images to sprite, or how to sprite. The brand new Cappuccino build tools are smart enough to sprite all your images together into one file (not several based on orientation), and of course works in all browsers including IE. You can find out more about the thinking behind this feature here.

nib2cib Updates

Along with all the new components we’ve added to Cappuccino, we’ve been keeping nib2cib up to date to allow you to use them in the easiest way possible. Most importantly, table views can now be created with simple drag and drop!

The Whole Stack with CommonJS and Jake

Although this isn’t necessarily a feature in Cappuccino itself, a lot of our users will be thrilled to know that getting and building Cappuccino from the repo (or building and optimizing your own Cappuccino apps) no longer has any external dependencies. In previous releases we relied on a combination of our own tools and a few Ruby tools like Rake. However, with the advent of the CommonJS standard (which our own team member Tom has been working on diligently), we’ve been able to move our entire development stack to JavaScript and Objective-J. That means that our community members will have an easier time writing tests, fixing bugs in the build process, and writing server side JS and Objective-J. Making this change has also allowed us to put a greater focus on the tools side of things and provide a host of improved applications like press and flatten to better optimize deploying your Cappuccino applications. We’ll be posting soon with more details about these.

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