Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Cappuccino 0.7: Aristo UI, Theme Engine, nib2cib, and more

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The Cappuccino team has announced Cappuccino 0.7.

There are some fairly big improvements:

Aristo New Look Open Sourced

Sofa has been working on a new look, and Aristo has been released to the world via PSD. It is very cool that the look and feel has been open sourced.

All the controls have been updated to use the new style, and we’ve added a few new controls as well, like checkboxes, radio buttons, and segmented controls.


We didn’t just build one new look for Cappuccino, though. Instead, we built an entirely new theme engine which will let anyone create a theme for Cappuccino. All the properties of the standard controls are fully themeable in all the different “theme states” (like “pushed”, “disabled”, “normal”, etc.). In the coming months, we’ll be sharing new themes with the community, and building a site for users to post their own themes for others to download and use.

Interface Builder

Those of you who come from a Cocoa background are used to using Apple’s Interface Builder tool to layout your Cocoa applications. Thanks to a technology in 0.7 called nib2cib, you can use Interface Builder to layout Cappuccino applications too. All of the classes supported in Cappuccino 0.7 that have Cocoa analogues are included. So, you can drag checkboxes, sliders, text fields, buttons, and lots more. You can even instantiate custom top level objects, or custom view subclasses, which will be converted to the right class in Cappuccino by the nib2cib tool. Once you’re done laying out the UI of your application with Interace Builder, you can use it’s target-action and outlet technology to build up its logic as well.

It is also cool that Narwhal an early implementation of the ServerJS work has made it in there. Great work guys!

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