Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Chandler Server Upgrades to Dojo 1.0.2

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The Chandler Project, an open source, standards-based information manager, has upgraded their OSS PIM to use Dojo v1.0.2. The upgrade has provided for improved performance and extended the UI capabilities via Dojo’s user interface building API, Dijit.

The first changes I’m excited about are, like our latest release, less wholesale modifications than improvements and commitments to stable APIs with performance enhancement sugar to sweeten the deal. Dojo’s internationalization (i18n) and event APIs have matured to the point where developers can expect to rely on them without fearing a future change like the one we’ve just experienced. As a result we’ve begun the process of migratating our custom i18n code to Dojo’s API, away from the custom, backend dependent code we’ve used in the past. We’ve also started streamlining our use of Dojo’s topic APIs to make our code easier to read and understand. Both these processes are works in progress, so keep an eye on this space for more detailed information in the future.

Notable updates include:

  • Updates to the administration interface to leverage dojo.data & Dijit UI components
  • Extensive use of dojo.query for DOM manipulation

Full details of the upgrade can be found at The Chandler Project Blog.

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