Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Chat Infection: Embed Web Chat

Category: Chat, Component, JavaScript, Prototype

Todd Fisher has created Chat Infection, a simple chat widget that sits on top of Prototype.

You can see Todd’s work via core.js, which is worth looking at to see the Event.onDOMReady(..) and the like.

Here is a new room:

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:51 am

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and what about my chat (prototype) ? i sent you an url last week…

i add some method to transform xsl with prototype

Comment by med — May 23, 2007 seems to be down. therefore ajaxian takes 3.24 minutes to be completely displayed (thanks firebug!). sucks! :)

Comment by Stephan — May 23, 2007

Yeah I noticed that too, I installed Adblock Plus just to block content from the domain so I could view Ajaxian.

Comment by Andy Kant — May 23, 2007

Dion, no more live demos on the main page. They often break your site.

Comment by James MacFarlane — May 23, 2007

Unfortunately, this highlights why including javascript from third-party domains etc. can be troublesome for site performance (browser waits for a timeout before resuming page render, and so on.)

An alternate approach could be using script to insert or load this content on or after domReady/window.onload(). At the least, the initial site render would not be affected.

Comment by Scott Schiller — May 23, 2007

Yes, no more demos in main page. Is very slow. :)

Comment by jesusvld — May 23, 2007

I didn’t write this Eddie wrote this.

See =>

Not my work in anyway!

Comment by Todd — May 23, 2007

Eddie also is responsible for the core.js file, I may have helped a little in debugging or designing but he’s the implementor and should get the credit.

Comment by Todd — May 23, 2007

The Event.onDOMReady work was something I worked on but that was definitely derived from a lot of other work on the web and it’s use in the core.js file above was solely Eddies doing…

Comment by Todd — May 23, 2007

The dig link is here:

Comment by Ed — May 23, 2007

Thanks a lot for the post.. any chance we could bump the Ajaxian container iframe up to 420px height?



Comment by Ed — May 23, 2007

oh what a tiring code for server! getting all posts at every 5 seconds is very tiring stuff for a server. this kind of applications must send active text messages with alive-connection thru client. i coded an instant messenger to my site with alive-connection stuff anyl bad thing about this is classic asp wont let you open a alive-connection unless you made a loop. and a loop exhausting one (: (checking messages in miliseconds whoa!)

so, use alive-connection and write data to invisible iframe. call window.parent.writefunction() in iframe for new messages.

i hope u understand my technique guys. sorry about my non-fluent english too (:

Comment by ilkin aka ir2 — May 23, 2007

ilkin aka ir2:

Duly noted re: pushlets, etc. However, it’s more complicated and brittle that way..

The way the backend mechanism was constructed, the app can handle the polling fine (as it’s very easy to scale horizontally.)

Comment by Ed — May 23, 2007

and what about my chat (prototype) ? i sent you an url last week…

Say Med, maybe it’s because that page is nauseating to look at?

Comment by George Bailey — May 23, 2007

Everybody try to plug their chat system. I will do the same than.

Comment by alain34 — May 24, 2007

Try to inject image on chat Infection and it is working fine. Not sure if you want to do that

Comment by tester — May 24, 2007

thanx George Bailey…. remind me to not invite you to my birthday ;)

Comment by med — May 24, 2007

George Bailey… did you find ZuZu’s petals? Please tell Mary and Clarence I said hi :)
(sorry, you’ve probably heard that a million times)

Comment by Mark Holton — July 9, 2007


Comment by Tol7tik — October 30, 2009

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