Friday, October 5th, 2007

Checkers with the Isometric Game Engine

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It’s Friday game day! Raphael has created an SVG based Checkers game using his Isometric Game Engine:

The Isometric Game Engine is a project to make cool games you can run in your browser. Checkers is the first game made with the engine, involving essential game elements such as creating a board, moving pieces around according to the rules, and capturing pieces.

You can take a peak at the code in its entirety and find out that he is a Steven Colbert fan.

Isometric Game Engine

Posted by Dion Almaer at 4:06 am

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doesn’t have the rule for jumping multiple pieces. apart from that, well done that man!

Comment by Kae Verens — October 5, 2007

Doesn’t work in Opera 9.22.

Comment by Herbert Braun — October 5, 2007

I find myself inordinately disturbed by the lack of semicolons in the code, but am otherwise impressed by the result ;)

Comment by Jonah Stagner — October 5, 2007

Nice; source sure does have loads of “truth”…

Comment by Michael — October 5, 2007

Very well done and impressive demo, but there are some aspects of the code that could be improved:
– Consistent code-style/white-space
– Aforementioned semi-colons
– Should declare variables with the “var” keyword because currently every variable reference will bubble up to the window scope which decreases the performance/speed
– Almost no documentation
– Truthiness is humorous but doesn’t really explain whats going on ;-)

Comment by Andy Kant — October 5, 2007

@Andy Kant
Not trying to pick up, but main problem with global variables is not performance/speed issues but disgusting conflicts that are almost impossible to debug : )

Comment by kangax — October 5, 2007

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