Thursday, October 1st, 2009

ChemDoodle Web Components

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Via jzornig comes news of a cool set of components written with HTML 5 and the Canvas tag:


ChemDoodle Web Components are pure javascript objects derived from ChemDoodle™ to solve common chemistry related tasks on the web. These components are powerful, fully customizable, easy to implement, and are free under the open source GPL license.

The page shows example usage of the components. To use the 3D Rotator component, for example, you just provide some JavaScript to configure it:


  1. var rotate3D = new RotatorCanvas('rotate3D', 200, 200, true);
  2. rotate3D.specs.atoms_useJMOLColors = true;
  3. rotate3D.specs.atoms_circles = true;
  4. rotate3D.specs.bonds_symmetrical = true;
  5. rotate3D.specs.backgroundColor = '#E4FFC2';
  6. rotate3D.yIncrement = -Math.PI / 360;
  7. rotate3D.loadMolecule(readMOL(threed));
  8. rotate3D.startRotation();

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Yeah this is pretty cool, saw it on Canvas Demos this morning. I’m not into chemistry myself, but it sounds like this could be a really useful application.

Comment by JakeDev — October 1, 2009

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