Friday, August 1st, 2008

chosr: Quicksilver interface in the Web

Category: GWT, Showcase

Chosr is another Quicksilver inspired piece of software, that lives in the Web, created by Julius Eckert using GWT.

Very interesting to see the interactions, although I wonder a little on the usage. The great thing about Quicksilver is that you hit a quick key combo and you are there. You type what you need, and you are sent off again.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:10 am

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Good tool, it’s much cool :D

One year ago I develop heySilver, a personable versión of QuickSilver for the web. This versión is developed with MooTools.

Now I’m working in a versión in jQuery with more options and posibilities.

Comment by aNieto2k — August 1, 2008

Would be much more interesting as Firefox Extension :)

Comment by Yves — August 1, 2008

the point of chosr is about two things.
for web related stuff its as good as quicksilver (for me its better for bookmarks, but thats just me), so there is no reason to not use it.
the major point why to use it and why a firefox extension does not make sense (we thought about an extension a lot), becomes clear, when you are on another machine. even if this machine has OSX and Quicksilver, you wont have your personalized internet bookmarks, common searchengines, handy.

heySilver is a great piece of code. but the original quicksilver-concept with more than one selector is ahead, because you can simply do more with it (use search engines for example).

btw, great blog. read it daily.

Comment by juliusEckert — August 1, 2008

that is just every so slight a little bit damn cool!

good work!

Comment by indiehead — August 1, 2008

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