Monday, January 25th, 2010

Chrome OS the Web based OS of 2010? Nah, Win 3.11 :)

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This is a Friday post that happens to show up on Monday ;)

2010 will have a lot of Web based OS products, including the much anticipated Chrome OS. Why wait for that when you can use Windows 3.11: Browser Edition?


Or, check out webOS on mobile, Jollicloud on Netbook, and many others.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:01 am

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Windows 3.11, my first operating system :)

Very impressively done!

Comment by Skilldrick — January 25, 2010

Haha great!

Comment by kea — January 25, 2010


Comment by raiku — January 25, 2010

Obligatory: I’m holding out for Chrome OS for Workgroups.

Comment by eyelidlessness — January 25, 2010

Finally, Minesweeper 3.1 online.

Comment by mrclay — January 25, 2010

mrclay, I had the same thought til I tried to use it. It’s very much incomplete. Not that I expected anything else lol. It would be awesome if there were a fully compatible winmine.exe (win16) online though.

Comment by eyelidlessness — January 25, 2010

I wrote a JS Minesweeper clone about 5 years ago. Don’t think the mouse event handling quite works properly in WebKit, but I may fix that.

Comment by timdown — January 26, 2010

I use icloud but this was really cool! :-)

Comment by Wahlgren — January 26, 2010


That is by far the best web winmine clone I’ve encountered.

No mouse events at all seem to work in WebKit (not even left-click). I tried it in Firefox though and was really impressed. I did notice that it doesn’t capture middle-click (which, in Win 3.1 winmine.exe at least, performs the same action as left-right-click). That may be Mac Firefox specific? I do see middle-click code in the source.

Timing is of course an issue with any time-sensitive Javascript-based app, but I’m sure it’s accurate enough for this purpose—but I’ve also heard tell that the original winmine’s timing was itself inaccurate. I can’t find any sources to back that up now though.

I’m curious how you’re generating minefields. Do you follow winmine’s rules that prevent the first cleared space from being a mine (this seems to be the case from playing with it), and if it is a mine, move that mine to as close to the top left corner as possible?

I know that winmine also has only a limited set of predefined fields, but even as obsessed as I am I would never expect anyone to reproduce that.

Sorry for the nitpicky questions, I’m just really impressed and curious.

Comment by eyelidlessness — January 26, 2010


Thanks for the compliment. It predates the existence of WebKit on Windows and also my ownership of a Mac, so it didn’t get fully tested. Middle-click does work on IE and Firefox on Windows. I did do enough testing on the Mac at the time to find a bug in Mozilla where it misreports the mouse button in mousedown and mouseup events ( ) and thought I’d worked around it. I’m sufficiently interested now that I will revisit the code and try and fix it.

Minefields are generated entirely at random. It does follow the winmine convention of preventing the first cleared space from being a mine but simply reassigns it to a random space on the grid, not the top left corner. That was a deliberate choice because I didn’t like the idea of it going in the top left, but I suppose it violates the aim of trying to be a proper winmine clone.

As ever with 5-year-old code, I’m slightly embarrassed by it but shall manage to resist the temptation to rewrite it all :)

Comment by timdown — January 27, 2010

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