Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Chrome Web Store? I want an Open Web Store

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The Chrome Web Store was shown off at the Google I/O keynote (streaming live) today along with the other great news of open codecs, great new tools, and more.

I found myself torn about this one. For one, it seems tied into Chrome itself. The problem that Sundar stated (developers needing a good channel; users having a hard time finding things) is valid for the entire Web. We don’t need a Firefox Web Store, IE Web Store, etc etc etc. We have an opportunity to do better here.

That being said, it was great to see the early stages here and how they give developers the ability to place your Web application in to an experience where you can put a price tag on top.

I would love to get details here. How do you package the application? Do you have to upload the package to the store?

I wonder if there is room for a distributed system that allows me to put a price tag on my web application, but keep it at my URL.

What do you think? There is a session on the store… so I look forward to the deets!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:04 pm

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They stated that the Chrome web store will work for all browsers.

The only Chrome specific feature in there is that Web Store apps get their own fancy tab style.

Comment by HughIsaacsII — May 19, 2010

(Sorry for the double comment)

The apps are packaged in the .CRX format (they stated that this will work in Firefox, I dunno how) but you can create your app the traditional way and host it at your own url.

Comment by HughIsaacsII — May 19, 2010

Even if it’s packaged as a .crx, the effort to port to firefox/opera/etc. would be so tiny, it wouldn’t really matter so much.

Standardization of a standard extension API (chrome’s isn’t very integrated with the underlying browser, so it would probably make a good candidate) should be one of the things that web browsers attempt in the coming years.

Comment by antimatter15 — May 19, 2010

Why are they not using W3C widgets? Why another format?

If they think W3C widgets are not capable, they should work with the W3C to enhance W3C widgets.

Comment by edwinm — May 20, 2010

+100 for a post that isn’t just copy-pasta :)
Although I’m a big Google fan, I’m starting to get worried about their web monopoly. Doing no evil is all very well when you’ve got pressure to not be, but once you own the web it’s going to be very difficult to not be evil…

Comment by Skilldrick — May 24, 2010

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