Thursday, January 5th, 2006

Claw: PHP frameworks get Ajax

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Claw is one of the latest Ajax PHP frameworks.

The latest version of Claw has integrated Prototype.

The templates look like this:

        {ajax->autowrap on=false}
            {ajax->create_updater item='time' to='ajaxTime'}
            {ajax->repeat name='time' do=$time_updater delay=5}
            {ajax->create_updater item='hello' use_form='hint_form' to='ajaxHello' claw_is='ajaxified'}
            {ajax->create_updater item='source' to='ajaxSource'}
    <body onload="{$time_repeater}">        
        <div id="hello" style="background-color: #EEEEEE;">
        <form id="hint_form">
            <input type="text" name="hint" onkeyup="{$hello_updater}" value="test ajax"/><br/>
            <input type="checkbox" name="clicked" onclick="{$hello_updater}">
        <div id="time"></div>
        <p id="source" style="background-color: #FFEEEE; font-family: monospace;">
            <a href="javascript:{$source_updater}"/>retrieve source</a>

Claw PHP

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[…] Claw: PHP frameworks get Ajax: 3776c5a5ad2bcd8df45761adfc954a18 Another day another framework. Don’t know how much of this is really framework or the egotistical rendering of a ’smarty’ person. Let them eat CAKE. Ok that was a little snide, but read the news on the site and the ego of this developer is pretty outragous for something that gives a fairly weak first impression. Leverages Smarty for the View stuff. So nothing new there… And can’t see signs of it out in the world. I can’t image that there are any of us that have developed for the web for any length of time that don’t have some dumb ass framework of our own. I did, but have jumped with both feet and my mouth agape into CakePHP for now. (Via Ajaxian Blog.) […]

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I like this framework

Comment by Edward — January 6, 2006

if you would look deeper, smarty extends ClawRenderer, so you can use any other template engine if/when there will be appropriate adapters.

Comment by by the way — January 8, 2006

hehe, after I saw the first comment here, couldn’t not to look at Cake and Claw. I didn’t spent lots of time by evaluating both frameworks, just had some interesting reading. The website of the Cake shines, what can’t be told about Claw. After taking a look at features my first impresion started to change. It will be interesting to make a comparison, but it isn’t a topic of this comment.

OK, lets return to the point: I went to look at Claw because was curious to find-out what stired wrath of Musing Sam, and what is much better (that is why took a look at Cake). In fact I can’t say that I had found so much arrogance. Well maybe he doesn’t sound too nice or kind, but actualy it looks more like a spite or protest against current situation in PHP frameworks world. By the way, some of articles are pretty funny. :) I agree with you Sam, that you can find PHP framework on each corner, actualy I think there are more frameworks than non-beginner php developers :). And agree with Claw author, that:
1. absolute most of those frameworks are useless;
2. very few of those which could be worth of attention are released as Open Source: most end-up with commercialization or are kept by developers for themselves to serve as some sort of advantage pack or secret know-how;
3. pure MVC is too limited for more complex situations (very few of FWs which claim support of MVC, actually have it properly implemented)
4. planned to name more, but forgot while writing this… :)

Simply speaking, despite the fact that every developer at least once tried to make his own framework, market of quality frameworks is still empty. So people, if you have what to show, show and do not listen too much to people who tend to shout “yet another” without taking closer look.

By the way, maybe I had spent more time for reading, but can approve comment above, that in Claw Smarty is one of several possible to use template engines out of the box, just it is default. There is even an explaination why it is default. (Need to mention that I didn’t try to install it yet. But plan to try in close future, as want to make comparison with Cake)

Best regards for all of you!

Comment by Adams — June 22, 2006

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