Friday, September 23rd, 2005

ClearNova announces ThinkCAP JX

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ClearNova has announced ThinkCAP JX, which is a RAD platform for building Ajax, and J2EE applications.


  • MVC Framework
  • Integrated Visual Workbench
  • Page Flow Designer
  • Smart Data Binding
  • Data Aware Components
  • “Mock” Data Prototyping
  • Updateable DataView
  • Content Management

Checkout screen shots of the tools


ClearNova integrates Java and Ajax:

Spurred by Ajax, the Rich Internet Application renaissance may make for exciting times in the programming world, but it also threatens to create a new church and state separation between presentation specialists and the application developers building Web services.

Since the goal of a service-oriented architecture is to create rich, customer-facing business services, that separation could cause a last-mile breakdown in many business initiatives. To breach that gap before it forms, ClearNova Inc. today released a new rapid application development (RAD) platform with an open source framework that ties together J2EE [Java 2 Enterprise Edition] and Ajax.

The platform, called ThinkCap JX, will allow Java programmers to make user interface changes on the server without having to know all the ins and outs of Ajax, (short for asynchronous JavaScript and XML) thanks to a client-centered application programming interface on the server. Likewise, the RAD will automatically generate Java stubs for JavaScript programming done on the client.

We discussed early ClearNova Ajax examples back in August.



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