Monday, March 26th, 2007

Click2Map: Ajax Map Editor

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Antony Zanetti of HylioSoft have created Click2Map, an Ajax map editor.

The application is based on Bindows, the .NET Ajax framework, and it allows you to create maps, add markers, and build out the Google Map.

I was a bit surprised at the startup time (loading X/Y), but to be fair this is an early beta.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:54 am

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I tried the beta version, and it’s very easy to create a map with personnal points of interest ! Click2Map seams really a rich internet application : cool.

Comment by Benoit — March 26, 2007

This is a great example of a web mashup – There are other similar apps like this out there, but this one is really well thought out and simple as hell to use .. really takes the pain out of doing this manually.
It can be a little clunky in operation though, down to browser/computer speed really, but otherwise wicked!

Comment by Ryan G — March 26, 2007

Very cool application (and it’s fully multilingual)
Nice theme!
BTW – Bindows is a pure Ajax development framework (not .NET).

Comment by Ran Meriaz — March 26, 2007

I have another Ajax based map site at All the page images etc are loaded with ajax so as to reduce loading times of the main portion of the site. The sites main focus is give exact locations for conferences, meetings, locations, etc. For example a number of the recent opencoffee meetings held around Europe used it: .
Best Regards,

Comment by Vincent Glennon — March 26, 2007

This site is cool. I only wish it supported more than Google Maps. As much as I love and prefer Google Maps and their API, they have appallingly bad coverage of my part of the world, whereas Microsoft (or MSN or Live or whatever) Maps inexplicably has better coverage than even some locally produced commercial printed maps.

Comment by Steve — March 27, 2007

Click2Map screencast in French :

Comment by philippe — March 27, 2007

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