Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Clientside Mootools Library Update

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Aaron Newton of CNet has posted an update for his Clientside Mootools library:

We’ve refactored nearly the entire library and in most cases the changes don’t affect the actual interface to the classes and methods, but not always. Like Mootools, you can download a compatibility layer which will preserve the old syntax if you have code that you haven’t updated yet.

The most interesting changes are as follows:

  • Fx.SmoothShow/SmoothHide is now Fx.Reveal, Element.reveal(), and Element.dissolve()
  • Fx.SmoothMove is now just Fx.Move and Element.move()
  • stickyWinHtml() is now StickyWin.ui()

There are other changes, but these 3 are the big name changes. You can browse the Compatibility files and see the actual changes if you want to compare, but other than that all the new details are in the docs. Speaking of which…

You can check out the new documentation and fancy new download page.

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