Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

CMS Watch Looks at Ajax and Your CMS

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From CMS Watch today, there’s a new article that looks at the roles that Ajax can play (and is playing) in the world of content management systems. Ajax is already making its mark in blogging software (for comments and administrative needs) as well as in interface creation.

For the Web CMS world, Ajax offers the possibility for a better user experience for content authors as well as site visitors. But what of its limitations? While Ajax delivers many benefits, it also creates a few challenges. This article will look at some of the benefits and limitations of Ajax for managing web content.

They talk about the “two sides of Ajax” in the CMS world – Ajax in the CMS application and supporting Ajax in the creation of a CMS system – before looking at the advantages that a CMS can gain by integrating Ajax into its structure. Included in these advantages are things like “Single-Page Interface” and “Manage Ajax-enabled snippets”.

Of course, there are drawbacks to having it in a CMS environment as well, and they list a few of these, including: “Back Button & Bookmarks”, “Visual Accessibility”, and “Browser compatibility”. Some of these reasons might be a tipping point for those wondering if Ajax in their site is worth it. Of course, they just need to be reminded that there’s always various ways to get around these problems (there’s already several projects that have ways to “fix” the back button).

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Comment by Andy — April 4, 2006

A few days ago I was trying to implement AJAX commenting on my literary website but left people, kind of confused; especially the ones so used to loading a new page. They kept waiting for something to happen. I used the technique mentioned through the new K2 theme for WordPress.

Comment by Amrit — April 4, 2006

I know CMS which uses “AJAX” (xmlhttprequest) from 2001.

It works on IE only, and is commercial product.

Comment by Vaidas Zilionis — April 5, 2006


Comment by wenjinhe — May 8, 2006

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