Thursday, June 14th, 2007

CNN Beta Site

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CNN has a new beta site that plays with Prototype and for some simple clean effects and inline Ajax.

The site also uses a StorageManager to access local storage using IE-specific, DOM storage, or cookies. This way your personalization is stored away.

If you put it side by side the current site, you will find that it looks a lot cleaner (at least it does to me).

CNN Beta

Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:28 am

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I guess to know about storagemanager, you gave a /wp-admin command!

Comment by Vinod — June 14, 2007

Where can I found detail info about storage manager that was used by CNN ?
Best regards.

Comment by Yusuf Akyol — June 14, 2007

Sweet! If they can match that up with actual unbiased news I’ll be sold!

Comment by Jesse Kuhnert — June 14, 2007

Interesting; looks like they basically just cloned the Dojo Storage API, but threw away the Flash storage provider and tightened things up a bit.

Comment by Brad Neuberg — June 14, 2007

looks great, too bad cnn’s news coverage is a joke.

Comment by joeBoy — June 15, 2007

106 warnings to go. Hey, I can’t help it, when that Tiny yellow triangle comes up…

Comment by BillyG — June 15, 2007

That StorageManager code is a work of genius!

Comment by Scott — June 21, 2007

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