Thursday, March 2nd, 2006 – the Social Guide to Beer

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There’s a new social networking site that brings a little Ajax into the mix and tries to link up beer drinkers (and their favorite places to go) –

Coastr is an experiment in social networking for beer snobs (meant as a compliment, of course!). The basic idea is for you to create a list of your favorite beers, and to connect you with other people with similar tastes. And those connections will help you discover interesting new brews that you might have not known about before. “Social beermarking”, if you will.

The site lists out four different things on the main page – recently added beers, most popular beers, recently added places, and most popular places. The whole site has that “Web 2.0” feel to it, and Ajax is used to enhance the site, rather than the “use it anyplace we can” methodology. Once you’ve logged in, you can add beers and places of your own. When adding the beers, they use a “Google Suggest” kind of box to help you narrow things down, and in the “Add a place” area, they link it up with the! Local mapping to find the best matches for the location you entered. This data is all used later on when you select the “Places to Drink Beer” link from the top. A Google Map is shown, and you can spotlight the city of your choice (provided that there are entries from there) to see what spots others have reviewed in your area. seems like it’s off to a good start, it just needs some community involvement behind it. Toss in a few more features, maybe an open API (similar to and you just might be on to something…

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Comment by Brian — March 2, 2006

This is just too cool.

I fondly remember my social-web-mashup-beta-beer site back in the early days of the web, called “” (the site was online 1997 to 2001 or so). It’s still mostly viewable via the Internet Archive, if anyone is interested.

Keep it up and Prost!

Comment by Thomas Fuchs — March 2, 2006’ed imediately. I love beer.

Comment by 80s — March 2, 2006

I just tried to share this with a friend and the the link seems to be broken…? Even though it was working a few minutes ago?
It was tons of fun while I was on it. I really liked how you could bring up a google map of all the places to go in a city. It will be intersting to see how this does over the next few months.

Comment by Michael — March 3, 2006

An Idea Whose Time Has Finally Come…

Mixing together two of my favorite things … beer and internet.
From (a great site about AJAX code in developing sites)…
There’s a new social networking site that brings a little Ajax into the mix and tries to link up beer drin…

Trackback by Sam Harrelson — March 5, 2006

[…] I’ve been adding stuff like crazy and I mentioned it the other day over on for the simple, site-enhancing Ajax it incorporates. It’s built with Ruby on Rails, but there’s nothing there that couldn’t be done with PHP. […]

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I remember the beer drinking contest that I was upto this summer but I ended up loosing it :(

Comment by John — March 4, 2007

Many small social networking niches which combine the features of myspae, youtube and orkut have sprung up. I feel they will rule the internet in the future

Comment by Indian Blogger — March 21, 2007

i like beer instead of wine becuase its less alcohol and give not too much headache

Comment by Jakee — June 19, 2007

I like beer instead of wine becuase is less alcohol in it and it not give too much headache

Comment by Jakee — June 19, 2007

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