Thursday, March 1st, 2007

ColorJack: Visualize color theory

Category: Showcase, UI

ColorJack allows you to visualize color theory with the sphere.

Color Jack

This reminds us of Kuler, the user generated color app from Adobe Labs. It is pretty amazing that so many people are sharing color groups :)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:12 am

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To bad it’s Firefox only (at least it doesn’t work in my IE7).

Comment by PerS — March 1, 2007

Beautiful tool. I don’t even mind that it’s not cross browser.

Comment by Pi — March 1, 2007

Impressive tool! Good work!

Comment by Andrey Sorochan — March 1, 2007

On IE7 doen’t work?! Browser… browser… compatibility ;(
Only FireFox is supported?!

Comment by Giovambattista Fazioli — March 1, 2007

Thanks for posting my site! I read Ajaxian like 5 times a day, even though it’s only updated once or twice, it’s an addiction :)

As far as IE support goes, I’m working on it… Basically the canvas elements need to be re-written into VML. However, I don’t have a PC to test it out on… So going to buy Windows for my Mac Pro for dual-boot.

This is a really new project, just something I was working on during vacation for a few days. I’m glad some people are enjoying it!

Comment by mud — March 1, 2007

Oh, and be sure to play around with the “Custom…” function under the “Normal Vision” menu… That is probably the coolest part of this program… Play around with the sliders, “Randomize” and “Denomalize”.

Comment by mud — March 1, 2007

Hi mud !

Just wanna say “WoW”. I really like this showcase ! I’m not using canvas yet (didn’t have time yet) but you really make me wanna give a try !

And about cross browser issue, why not open the code to the rets of us ? maybe someone (or me?) can help a little bit ?

Best luck anyway ! I really like your tools :)

Comment by Nicolas — March 2, 2007

I’m releasing a sphere plugin for your website (under Creative Commons) that seems to have some of the same issues in IE as the sphere does. It does not have any Canvas elements in it, however:

As far as the VML issues, I just posted a project to elance.

Comment by mud — March 2, 2007

This is fantastic – I am trying to work out how to enter a specific Hex # but when I click on the number it wont let me enter anything – am I missing something

Comment by CCoates — March 3, 2007

Nice tool. But I cannot find any texbox to write a hex-code manually, or is it impossible?

Comment by Anton — March 5, 2007

It’s impossible as of now, but will add in the next version :)

Comment by mud — March 25, 2007

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