Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

Combining Ajax and XSLT in Skinnerbox

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Alex Bosworth describes, in this blog post, a simple example that he’s created to show the possibilities of merging XSLT with Ajax to create a “skinning” site for prettying-up blog RSS feeds.

I’ve been looking a lot lately at what XSLT can add to web development, and this weekend I started playing around with Google’s AjaXSLT project.

I’m not that much of an XSLT expert, so to get started I coded up a simple project to generate XSLT templates for RSS feeds, called “Skinnerbox“.

He briefly describes his process, mentioning some of the difficulties that he’s had with Javascript along the way (its slowness). His suggestion is that working with XSLT in Javascript and filtering some of the content that needs to be handled can really help speed things up.

The app he’s created, Skinnerbox, takes in the URL of a blog (or other site) feed, pulls it in, and, based on some input from the user (an optional note at the top and the option of creating quick and easy subscribe buttons) outputs a “pretty” version of the feed. You can get all of the details on this sample application from it’s Wiki page.

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