Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Coming soon to Flickr: Photo editing

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TechCrunch reports Flickr is to gain photo editing. It will use IFrame-based integration with Flash editing tool Picnik.

Flickr has chosen Seattle-based Picnik (profile) to handle the long requested photo editing feature for Flickr users.

Currently, you can rotate photos on Flickr, but the editing stops there. When the new tools launch, users will be able to edit photos more extensively using the Picnik Flash based tools (see our review here).

With users relying on online storage more and more, it’s a no-brainer for those tools to offer editing capability. We can expect to see the trend continue with image sites as well as audio and video. And while image editing is possible with pure HTML/Javascript, Flash is generally the platform of choice right now.

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 12:57 pm

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This is really cool they’re finally getting some sort of edit-ability on their website! Piknik is probably the best one for the job. I would bank on the aviary tools in the future however, just because they’ve got some extraordinary developers.

Comment by mud — October 20, 2007

I really wanted to try it out but it did not work neither on Opera nor on Firefox (Ubuntu Gutsy stock install) – download failed / upload window closed / browser not responding / browser window closed,
I know, it works for everyone else, so don’t waste time bashing me.

Comment by deadcabbit — October 21, 2007

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Comment by Ashir — October 21, 2007

Seems like they are a bit behind now… Cutting edge CMS systems are already adding image editing to their systems…

The new version of SilverStripe, will have inline editing via canvas/ajax (I think) … a much cooler interface than dirty flash…..

Comment by Simon — October 23, 2007

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