Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

Comparing Dojo and Prototype

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Jon Aquino has been using both Dojo and Prototype, and recently posted a brief comparison.

Overall, I like both. Prototype is more of a Porsche, whereas Dojo is more like a Hummer. Prototype is pure programming bliss (feels very much like Ruby), whereas Dojo is very much engineered (feels like Java) — possibly a little overengineered in some places (IFrame-based workarounds) in order to offer what no other toolkit offers (asynchronous file uploads; AJAX back-button handling; javascript “include” mechanism).

He also says Dojo’s event toolkit is the first useful application of Aspect-Oriented Programming he’s come across.

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 6:31 pm

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i like mochikit better because it provides simplistic design of tools. provides a lot of enhancement and bending from the architect who will use the framework.

Comment by ronald villaver — May 10, 2006

In my opions, Dojo is trying to support all kinds of environments: adobesvg, browser, rhino and others, and is also trying to provide crypto, io, logging and others. It seems to be on the ambitious way of being an “System”. But Prototype is just to be simple and to be no simpler.

And I am curiouse about the saying of “Aspect Oriented Programming” sense about Dojo.

Comment by josson smith — May 11, 2006

Hehe, Everyone still has their favorites. I am still diggin Prototype.

Comment by Ahahaha (Mario) — May 11, 2006

@Linb – maybe you should email ajaxian about your framework. I noticed you promoting it in the comments section 8).

Comment by Mario — May 11, 2006

Aduh ajax teh naon? meuni teu ajax-ajax…

Comment by Cecep — May 11, 2006

Los felicitó por todo lo que hacen con Ajax, no sé inglés espero que me entiendan y espero aprender el manejo de esta técnica tan buena de programación web.

Comment by Jorge Rubiano — May 11, 2006

Dojo would be great if there were some documentation!

Comment by hejaxmeoff — May 12, 2006

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