Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Cool and useful GWT Solutions

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David Geary and Rob Gordon have launched a companion Website to their book on GWT.

The website uses GWT itself of course, and the most interesting section is the example code that they have made available:

This stack panel contains some examples from GWT Solutions.
These examples showcase the power of GWT. Short of implementing cross-browser JavaScript and integrating it into your application, most of these examples are very difficult, if not impossible, in other Java based-web application frameworks. GWT is all about doing amazing things in the browser with ease, and here I show you how to do some of them.

Here’s something fun to try. Click on the Yahoo Maps Enhanced tab and click on the Get Map button. Then type in a new address and click on the button again. Try some different zoom levels, and then drag the maps inside the windows, but don’t drag for more than 1 second. If you drag for less than a second, you will initiate animated scrolling in the same direction as the mouse drag, and proportional to the how many pixels you covered while dragging. After you get one or more maps animating, switch to the Maps tab and initiate animated scrolling inside the viewport. Now click on one of the tabs at the top of the page, such as About the Authors, and then click on the Run some of the book’s examples tab, and you will see the Maps viewport fade into view, but notice that the Map’s viewport scrolls while it’s fading.

Cool GWT Solutions

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