Monday, December 11th, 2006

Craythur Web OS

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Craythur isn’t just irish for whiskey (“the drop of life”) it is a new desktop OS built in JavaScript (based on Prototype,, and a lot more).

It may look nicer than Vista? :)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:20 am

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wow — that’s fast. usually most javascript window systems I’ve seen slow things down a bit.

Comment by cappy — December 11, 2006

broken in ff2

Comment by brad — December 11, 2006

Not bad, It’s quite well done, I’ve always thought about making something of my own such as that…now that I see a market is starting for it, maybe i should?

Comment by Shawn — December 11, 2006

What’s the point?

Comment by Philippe — December 11, 2006

Hmmm. It looks promising, but I get errors for pngfix.js looking to apply attachEvent in Firefox 1.5, in addition to prototye errors right off the bat.

It does say beta though :-)

Comment by The Foo — December 11, 2006

I couldn’t create an account, it gave a php error. I did log in using the demo account, and it looks cool. I would have to spend more time on it to see if actually offers any usefulness, but at a cursory glance it didn’t seem like it. It’ll be cool to see where this goes.

Comment by Joe Donahue — December 11, 2006

It’s beautiful, but what’s the use of it ?

Comment by Capitaine Commerce — December 11, 2006

Wow – It doesn’t do anything at all! I just tried this site with IE6 & 7 & Firefox. After the demo login it umm… just sits there. Is this suppose to do something??? I mean besides the multiple errors all the browsers tell me about?

Comment by ID10Terr — December 11, 2006

Interesting App, there’s soo many of these out there anymore. I don’t see a whole lot that sets this one apart from any others right now. This one seems a bit clunky, none of the editing is done inline, the windows don’t tend to open up to the correct size so you have to manually resize them, and the mouse over detail windows seem to get in a way a bit (mostly the contacts page). Still it is very responsive, and looks like a good start.

Comment by Rich Waters — December 11, 2006

doesn’t work in safari

Comment by Jani Turunen — December 11, 2006

To Vista’s credit, it doesn’t “crash” with “style is null or not an object” errors on login. ;) (IE 7)

The desktop OS “meme” is interesting as it was in 1999/2000 and there are some neat JS experiments being done (and credit to this one where due), but it’s going to take more than drag and drop to make something compelling enough to stick.

Comment by Scott Schiller — December 11, 2006

I thought Irish (Gaelic) for whiskey was uisge bheatha (water of life)

Comment by Scot — December 11, 2006

Working very slowly here, I guess not prepared for the load… also in FF2

window.attachEvent is not a function
window.attachEvent("onload", correctPNG);

Comment by Hans Duedal — December 11, 2006

Not only useless, it’s a very poor use of Prototype and Scriptaculous, libraries that originated on the Mac platform and were designed to be cross-platform and cross-browser. Typical Windows-developer arrogance.

Comment by Leland Scott — December 11, 2006

The slowest ajax piece i’ve ever seen, and the dumbest idea that’s ever around.
The site doesn’t even work with demo/demo, and it has a line saying “we recomment ff and ie7, ie6 could prevent interface loading” or some crap like that.
What’s the point? Spending all these time in a OS that is hosted within a browser which sadly is HOSTED ON AN OS?
Another perfect example of failure of TECHNICAL vs PRACTICAL

Comment by Simon Jia — December 11, 2006

This is impressive from a technical standpoint, but I agree with some of the other commenters in asking, “What is the point?”. There will always be a need for native desktop operating systems, so I can’t see a “web-based” operating system becoming a replacement for that anytime soon. It’s like creating a web-browser within a web-browser, just a tad superflous. It goes without saying that this “OS” is completely dependent upon the underlying “True OS’s” memory and window management system. It would do nothing by itself.

I think that the merging of web and desktop will come to fruition in a more peicemeal fashion, for example — desktop widgets, remote file system storage, and key web applications (think basecamp, writely, flickr) to supplement the native OS’s strengths (think gaming, file management, process intensive software).

Comment by Mike — December 11, 2006

Nice interface. As for usefulness, M$ & SUN have tried for years to create a roaming desktop solution that works for businesses with little success or adoption. A web OS or Desktop is the perfect platform to enable this. The biggest blocker to widespread adoption is the availability of applications to run in the OS (this is the case with any OS) – but this is already being solved by everyone building web applications.

Comment by Erik — December 11, 2006

Oh yeah I’m SO putting ‘my banking’ in there.

j/k. It looks nice. very slick!

Comment by Alexei — December 11, 2006

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