Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Create your own Webtop in PHP and JavaScript

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Chris Ravenscroft decided to build his own webtop in PHP and JavaScript and has written up the experience.

He built on:

  • Sebastien Gruhier’s Prototype Window
  • Mohamed Ahmed’s Users Login System
  • Michal Migursky and Matt Knapp’s Json class
  • InputParser.php, which I extracted from my very own nextBBS‘ source tree

If you are interested in the code behind it, you can download it here

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:26 am

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Thanks for the link, Dion.
I would like to add that the source code can be downloaded as it’s all open-source.


Comment by Chris FR — January 3, 2007

our intranet developer allready built somehting like this a couple of years ago using pure javascript and pure php

Have a play if u like


(turn off your popup blocker) !!

Comment by Alex — January 3, 2007

Alex, I just played with your demo and it’s very nice.

What I liked:
Eye candy!
Love the pre-packaged applications

What I liked less:
Only runs in IE
Requires Flash 8, which I don’t understand for a full JS app
Slow. Actually it’s slow on my laptop and it may not be slow on my desktop (was unable to launch on the latter for whatever reason…)

Is it open-source as well? It’s very interesting.

Comment by Chris FR — January 3, 2007

Thanks … this kind of information is always great!!

Comment by The Mobile Phone Man — July 23, 2007

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