Friday, June 23rd, 2006

Creating an Album List with Ajax and C#

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In a new tutorial from Scratch Projects today, they focus on the creation of an album listing combining the powers of Ajax and C#.

Over the past few months I have been toying with Ajax and .NET via the AJAX.NET Pro Library and my first few attempts left me feeling that Ajax was not very useful. Then I recently had a specific task to complete and it seemed to be a perfect candidate for Ajax. The task was very simple, get a list of Albums by an Artist.

This functionality is of course part of a much larger on-line music app I was constructing but I needed to start with something small. The UI was very simple a TextBox to enter an Artists’ Name and a Table to display the Albums. Since this was such a simple task I decided to spice it up with some AJAX.

In part one, they focus on the creation of the select box to handle the incoming results in a simple and clean way. For the backend, that means adding a serialized object to push them through. Part two really starts getting into the code, creating the necessary handlers to call the remote Ajax script and the addition of more controls to the web page itself (four functions). More serialized objects are set up and tied together to make the artist and album search framework ready to go.

In part three, they focus on the Ajax bits, grabbing the response and parsing out the artist and album names. Finally, in part four, they tie it all together and merge the interface, backend code, and the Ajax helper functionality to make it all work.

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The examples are using the old Ajax.NET dll, simple replace all “Ajax.” by “AjaxPro.”, then everything should work.

Comment by Joe — June 23, 2006

Can any one demonstrate with example how to implement ajax with php ………..

Comment by Suraj — June 23, 2006


Comment by hgjhg — August 17, 2006

hi,i’m student of software computer in shiraz university
i want learning about ajax techniqu in .net special c# language.
please suggest me a tutorial book or anything abot it.
thank you.

Comment by mohsen sadegh moghadam — October 6, 2006

“Beginning Ajax with” may help you.

Comment by zhenhua — October 8, 2006

I was hoping that someone might be able to guide me to the right place. Intuit is (TurboTax, Quicken, QuickBooks) in search of some good UI Engineers w/ AJAX experience along w/ Java dev experience. If you have any suggestions, or know of anyone interested please email me @

Comment by Chris Cox — February 23, 2007


Comment by asa — September 26, 2007

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