Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

Cross browser screenshots from Browsershots.org

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Are you tired of wondering if your finely crafted interface will look correct in Safarai or the latest Konqueror on Linux? If so, check out browsershots. Just enter the URL you want screenshots for and it gets added to the queue. Check back (the delay is around a 12 hours lately) and you’re screenshots will be posted. Check out the results for ajaxian to get an idea of the shots you get back.

It looks like some of the current browsers include IE 6, Mozilla 1.7.8, Safari 2.0, and Firefox 1.0.4. The system works via a community of members who run an automated script that does the screenshots automatically with no user input necessary (see their about page for more). Very cool idea!

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A free screen capture service for mac Safari 1.2 which takes less than 1 minute:


Comment by john bentley — November 28, 2005

[…] validate html/css, clean up your javascript, and check your platforms – see browsershots and safari test. […]

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Nice but 1 hour is too long to wait.

Comment by Marko — April 2, 2006

At least for IE7 and IE6, here is a quite fast rendering alternative to browsershots: Web Renderer

Comment by pollyx — November 11, 2006

BrowserShots actually WORKS, whereas iCapture, liklpixel, and ohters DONT. BS Rocks!!

Comment by The_ultimate_fjnoasjoa — March 4, 2007

Reminds me a lot of browsercam… which isn’t free but I’ve always found to be an excellent service

Comment by Ross — March 11, 2007

This service is very slow (more then hour). The other website (danvine.com/icapture/) to check only on mac not working.

Comment by Victor — October 18, 2007

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