Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

crossdomain.xml misconfigurations galore

Category: Security

Jeremiah Grossman took a fresh look at crossdomain.xml usage and decided to see which top domains had lenient policies in their files, which is now published and updated.

Why is this important?

This week I took a renewed interest in crossdomain.xml. For those unfamiliar this is Flash’s opt-in policy file that extends the same-origin policy to include more sites in the circle of trust. Normally client-side code (JavaScript, Flash, Java, etc.) is limited to reading data only from the website (hostname) in which it was loaded. Attempting to read data from other domains is met with security exceptions.

With crossdomain.xml a site owner may configure a policy to stating which off-domain sites are allowed to read its data (or parts thereof) and the client, Flash in this case, is responsible for enforcement. This feature paves the way for more rich client-side applications. Crossdomain.xml policies are also extremely flexible allowing websites to be defined by IP, domain, subdomain, or everyone (*) under the sun. And this is one area where we potentially run into trouble.

When a hostname is included in the circle of trust you allow them to read all data on the site that the user has access to, this includes any (authenticated) content and (session) cookies. So should a malicious attacker or website owner gain control of a website in the circle of trust (via a server hack or XSS), then they feasibly can compromise user data off that domain. This could easily leads to privacy violations, account takeovers, theft of sensitive data, and bypassing of CSRF protections (grabbing the key ahead of time).

With this understood I was curious just how many prominent websites are actively using crossdomain.xml and generally how they are configured. For sampling I combined the “www” hostnames of fortune 500 with the Global Alexa 500. Of the 961 unique websites in all (and keeping the results to myself for now)…

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