Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

CSS 3 Live: Progressive Enhancement

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From SitePoint comes a nice series of videos on CSS3, called CSS Live. Here’s one on Progressive Enhancement when using CSS3 features:

Posted by Brad Neuberg at 7:00 am

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You can never tell enough about progressive enhancement to developers, thats for sure!

However the “Apple menu” in my opinion is not the perfect example… When I’ll show that result to my webdesigner, saying “Well…, and this is how it looks in Internet Explorer” he shalll say “Fix it, that’s not according design”. And he’s right, a solid gray menu can screw up the entire design.

Why even design a site when it’s not an issue if design elements are not rendered according design?

Comment by r0land — September 14, 2010

Why even embed the youtube video when you know it’s going to get cropped by this website’s layout? Perhaps it is time to consider redesigning so the content width in your posts is greater than 480 pixels.

Comment by bayareacoder — September 14, 2010

croppy layout issues, just run these 2 lines of js in your browser’s firebug or webkit console as a temporary bandaid or just deal with it.

$(‘sidebar’).style.display = ‘none’;
$(‘maincontent’).style.width = ‘700px’;

Comment by bhbdev — September 14, 2010

He seems to suggest that the same content looking diffferent across browsers is acceptable, even desired. If we’re talking laptop vs mobile, sure, to a degree. But if we’re talking about browser vs browser, there’s no way a web designer or a client will accept this. And rightly so.

Comment by mschipperheyn — September 15, 2010

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