Thursday, June 10th, 2010

CSS calc() in the house

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Finally. Don’t make me jump to JavaScript to tweak the CSS when I want a relative calculation for a value.

The effervescent Paul Rouget shows us the CSS calc() goodness that has a bug going for Mozilla.

Some good simple use cases:

  1. /*
  2. * Two divs aligned, split up by a 1em margin
  3. */
  4. #a {
  5.   width:75%;
  6.   margin-right: 1em;
  7. }
  8. #b {
  9.   width: -moz-calc(25% - 1em);
  10. }
  12. /*
  13.  * Make sure input field won't overlap parent
  14.  */
  15. input {
  16.   padding:2px;
  17.   border:1px solid black;
  18.   display:block;
  19.   width: -moz-calc(100% - 2 * 3px);
  20. }
  22. /*
  23.  * combine different units!
  24.  */
  26. width: -moz-calc(3px + 50%/3 - 3em + 1rem);

A lot of JavaScript is about to get nuked. It would be cool to have a pre-processor that generates JS code for browsers that won’t support the syntax so we can use this not in 5 years.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:51 am

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Comment by theallan — June 10, 2010

Isn’t this a performance nightmare, which is the main reason IE dropped expressions? I think all of these types of calculations could be better achieved with a combination of box-model choice and better document structure.

Comment by eyelidlessness — June 10, 2010

@eyelidlessness I don’t see why it would be, at least not anymore. There’s already so much of this math going on behind the scenes that doesn’t put much of a strain on modern browsers.

(Smug side note: pretty much everything is a performance nightmare in IE.)

Comment by grampajoe — June 10, 2010

This rules.

It would however be largely unneccessary if we could say something like:
right: div.two; /*the right side of is at div.two’s left side */

Comment by Jaaap — June 10, 2010

Standardize this. NOW. Seriously, I’m serious.

Comment by csuwldcat — June 10, 2010

Would be more useful ig you could do something like :

100% – #divID.paddingLeft

Comment by karnius — June 10, 2010

Looking forward to wide acceptance of this addition. Calculations is one of those “doesn’t look shiny enough to get general attention but seriously kicks ass” features I can’t wait to start using.

Comment by davebalmer — June 10, 2010

I always thought this concept was good in IE (expressions). The problem was implementation. Hopefully Firefox is getting the implementation right so that it doesn’t drag performance the way expressions did for IE.

Comment by eric2 — June 10, 2010

“box-sizing: border-box” in CSS3 will make this less useful, since padding and margin will be included in the width when that style is applied.

Comment by mattiacci — June 10, 2010

@eyelidlessness: Yup – and in box model choice and this will be excellent. I can certainly see your point about performance thought – there are going to need to be a lot of reflows and calculations for simple DOM manipulation, never mind resizing the window. Hopefully modern browsers will be more up to the task.

Comment by theallan — June 10, 2010

Although, now we’ve got css3 box-sizing option which solve a lot of those problems anyway.

Comment by maccman — June 10, 2010

I don’t see why width:75% (which is already used all the time) would be significantly more computationally expensive than width:calc(100% - 2em). Not to mention setting width by only specifying the left and right properties.

Comment by Menno — June 10, 2010

As long as they limit it to (percentage +- fixed value) it’ll work fine, it’s basically the same thing as box model changes. The big problem of IE’s expressions were that they allowed any javascript, which basically turned them into an arbitrary constraint solving system, whose solution was sometimes impossible (= javascript error), or very expensive to calculate.

Comment by Joeri — June 10, 2010

For the input example it seems to make much more sense to use the box-sizing property.

Seems like a good idea though, as long as it doesn’t have the same performance issues as IE expressions.

Comment by MattCoz — June 10, 2010

css scaffold and similar framework solutions have already solved this (calculating) problem.. along with many others… (nesting being one of them)…

huh, I see now the author discontinued the project.. I wonder why

Comment by DamirSecki — June 11, 2010

Use Less ( or Sass ( , they have simple arithmetic calculation and some usefull function avaible for use in CSS. Good work, i wanted to create exactly similar langiuage like Less with nesting, inheritance and macros, but LESS just solved problem and is good one.

Comment by movax — June 13, 2010

Oh, i see that Less can still not solve everything, becuase of relative width, in Less it is nonsensical to mix different units of measures, like 80% – 3em + 12px. So i think this calc() is quite interesting thing.

Comment by movax — June 13, 2010

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