Saturday, November 25th, 2006

CSS Evolution

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Evolution of the web in real-time. I hope you are having a good weekend (a Thanksgiving one for the US folk).

Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:12 am

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Pingback by Evolúció « Tekintet — November 25, 2006

maybe it’s just supposed to be a screenshot. do our modern browsers even handle the ancient interwebs?

Comment by Andy — November 25, 2006

that was amazing!

Comment by Sarah — November 25, 2006

i like it :) good work!

Comment by benji — November 25, 2006

nice!!! that should teach’em…

Comment by Sad Developer — November 25, 2006

That was a pretty neat. :)

Comment by Josh — November 25, 2006

(Though my last comment was not a neat sentence. :( D’oh.)

Comment by Josh — November 25, 2006

It’s not really real-time, but cool.

Comment by András Bártházi — November 25, 2006

That’s great. Is there a FF extensions that – if activated – renders the page this way? Or ist it just a drawn together animated gif? This would help in CSS development a lot. If not, anybody?

Comment by gossi — November 25, 2006

Two questions:
1. Why are you hot-linking to the image?
2. Why did you not give the original author credit?

Comment by Nathan Smith — November 25, 2006

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Pingback by 本日書籤 « penk - Keep on rockin’ in the free world — November 25, 2006

This is how should and my websites are being built! BTW – nice job

Comment by David — November 25, 2006

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Trackback by — November 25, 2006

[…] bei gibt es ein nettes animiertes GIF, dass die Evolution einen Blog Templates vom reinen strukturierten Text bin hin zum fertiges CSS Layout zeigt. Nett anzusehen. […]

Pingback by » CSS Evolution — November 26, 2006

Hah! Cool and funny! Nice work!

Comment by Slaff — November 26, 2006

[…] Vía: Ajaxian […]

Pingback by » Blog Archive » CSS Evolution, La evolución de una web en tiempo real aplicando estilos CSS — November 26, 2006

I have to agree with Nathan above.
How is this not blatantly stealing someone else’s content?
At least you could link to Dylan Bennett’s site.

Comment by bill l — November 26, 2006

[…] 来源:CSS Evolution var tabPane1 = new WebFXTabPane( document.getElementById( “tab-pane-1” ) ); […]

Pingback by CSS定制演变 at E-space — November 26, 2006

Fun demo for beginners. Would be educational to show the actual css at each point.

Comment by Yong Bakos — November 26, 2006

[…] Al menos, así lo presentan en Ajaxian. En realidad, un gif animado (800 Kb de peso!!) que hace las veces de un vídeotutorial con el que evidenciar todo lo que CSS puede hacer por ti. Sencillo, pero pedagógico: […]

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Pingback by » Evolución de un sitio con CCS — November 26, 2006

If this is real time then someone is a VERY productive web designer :)

Comment by Mike — November 26, 2006


Sehr simpel gemacht, aber eine gute Idee:

CSS Evolution beim Ajaxian

Vielleicht sollte man das mal ins Kunden-Aufklärungs-Repertoire mit übernehmen, um dem Kunden an sich ein wenig die Arbeit zu veranschaulichen

Trackback by — November 27, 2006

Truly Awesome! I wonder why is ot not possible in real time? It’s just messing with lots pd DOM implementaton

Comment by Adnan Siddiqi — November 27, 2006

Amazing evolution skills….

Comment by milo317 — November 27, 2006

Evolution of a site

Evolution of CSS

Trackback by Joust's point of view — November 27, 2006

[…] ¿Se nota la diferencia? Por eso es importante aprender este sencillo lenguaje. No toma más de unas pocas horas poder comenzar a diseñar usando CSS. Además existen excelentes tutoriales, y, para los olvidadizos —entre los que me incluyo— hasta hay una hoja —CSS Cheat Sheet— lista para imprimir con la mayoría de las propiedas a utilizar. ¡Ya no tienes excusas! (Vía Ajaxian). […]

Pingback by Tres Colores » Blog Archive » La evolución con CSS — November 27, 2006

As always Dion, well done!

Comment by Frederick Townes — December 22, 2006

Nice CSS effect, will have to have a go at it.

I found using WordPress to design my web sites a great time saver and with plugins for automatic sitemap generation and SEO optimisation and easy changing of themes its such a web design time saver. If fact i just made a template from the theme i’m currently using and after veiwing the souce code i just saved as html and with a bit of copy and pasting moved all the content on my older html pages to the new template now my older pages all look the same as the blog template. On a new site this isnt a problem but this one has been around a while before i used WordPress. Still have a load of article pages to move over but i should be able to automate some of it with a few block text replacer programs i have.

Comment by Rob - web page tools — February 21, 2007

That’s a great video you’ve got there. I’ve been searching around for CSS videos and wathing them for a while. You’re CSS one really helps to ‘get the big picture’ in CSS design and layout, and is a great help, thanks.

Comment by Andrew, Sqwink Design — May 1, 2007

What is CSS?

Comment by dent repair — May 14, 2007

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Comment by Doublevibrator — July 3, 2007

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Comment by Vytas — October 12, 2007

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Comment by Jaime — November 26, 2007

Great JOb!

Comment by SEOhaus — April 12, 2008


Thats great, i have already referred to others as well.

Keep it up

Comment by SGDNetworks — November 19, 2008

Great to see a new CSS Blog. I will try it for sure. Is it open source and can it be run on windows?

Comment by HostingITrust — December 9, 2008

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Comment by divya240208 — March 5, 2009

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