Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

CSS Quick Tip: overflow: hidden; and IE

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I have run into the same issue with three projects in a couple of weeks. The issue is a common one, and it comes out as IE not listening to your CSS dimensions.

For example, take this blog. We commonly attach images to our posts, and what if we post a large image?

The rightbars could shift over unless we had the magic in there for IE:

overflow: hidden;

Mozilla would not need this, but would work out the fact that you probably don’t want your divs changing shape all the time, but IE will happily make way and break your entire layout.

So, remember to enforce your layout with overflow: hidden and friends.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:50 pm

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I’d rather see all your content, including the images, than a nicely laid out page with some of the content truncated.

Comment by Richie Hindle — January 5, 2006

So where is the tip then!

Comment by Nick Toye — September 26, 2006

on I.E.

This works for me. Eversince IE is ….., better not to say.

Comment by Kevs — September 13, 2007


Comment by Test — October 25, 2007

What if adding overflow:hidden doesn’t stop the overflow in IE?


Comment by Recording Review — November 28, 2007

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