Friday, November 24th, 2006

CSS Tab Designer

Category: CSS

Now we are getting niche. A tool that lets you design CSS tabs:

With the CSS Tab Designer, you can:

  • Quickly design your list visually.
  • Choose from a variety of styles/colors (60+ different designs/colors supported).
  • Generate strict xhtml compliant code.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:40 am

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What have this to do with Ajax?

Comment by Stian — November 24, 2006

It’s CSS and it’s normal always used when using Ajax!

Comment by Anders — November 24, 2006

This post has as much to do with AJAX as me going to my doctor and asking her why the brakes on my car aren’t working, because I normally use my foot when braking. For shame …

Comment by Dan — November 24, 2006

Ajax has to do with web development, so does CSS. Call it a tangential post if you will.

Comment by Alejandro Moreno — November 24, 2006

Dan – you are a troll

Does a post here have to involve XHR for it to count? Ajax, as the rest of us have concluded, is a design *pattern* involving the effective use of JavaScript, CSS, XHR, DHTML, and whatever else tickles your fancy to make the User Experience better.

The use of CSS tabs, navigation, etc is a necessary part of this design process.

Get over yourself.

Comment by Jon — November 24, 2006

Jon – you are the troll. CSS is absolutely NOT related to AJAX. You are wrongly considering AJAX to be a pattern, which it is not.

Comment by Emilie — November 24, 2006

Emile and Dan are right. Ajax has a specific meaning and is why we read this normally excellent, focused blog. There are plenty of CSS blogs, I don’t need this blog polluted with off-topic noise.

Comment by Jade — November 24, 2006

It’s a Windows program? Couldn’t this have been implemented as an in-the-browser interactive web site/service?

Comment by Andy — November 24, 2006

While I may be a troll (and believe me, keyboards for such large fingers are hard to find) flogging a program that generates CSS classes on a website that claims to be targeted at web developers who know what AJAX stands for is just wrong. It’s spam. Some developers can draw a line between design and implementation. Maybe you …

Comment by Dan — November 24, 2006

Come on guys. I like Ajaxian the way it is now and I liked this news. People working on Ajax usually deal with CSS much and it’s nice to see some CSS news time to time (eye candy’s). You say that News TV should show 24 hours news.

Thanks for posting the news. I think that writing a web-based version could be more effective but this one is fine too. Nice gadget to have (when lazy designers are not around it’s a nice shortcut for programmers)

Comment by Danial — November 24, 2006

It’s a Windows program? Couldn’t this have been implemented as an in-the-browser interactive web site/service?

Yeah, and then it might even be appropriate to post here.

Comment by Trevor — November 24, 2006

I agree with those who think this post is off-topic. I disagree with the statement that CSS has nothing to do with Ajax. That’s just a too-narrow interpretation of what Ajax is all about. You could no more design an Ajax website without CSS than you could do it without JavaScript. Regardless, CSS Tab Designer is neither a developer tool nor an interesting application of CSS to the problem of Ajax site design. It’s a Windows program for non-programmers (and non-designers, too, for that matter) that has no place in a discussion of Ajax web development, which is by its very nature a cross-platform endeavor. I urge the keepers of Ajaxian’s editorial policy to nix this type of post in the future.

Comment by Leland Scott — November 24, 2006

“You could no more design an Ajax website without CSS than you could do it without JavaScript.” Of course you could!!

I agree with Jade. Let’s keep this great resource free for irrelevant posts.

Comment by Stian — November 25, 2006

Non-XHR articles on Ajaxian? This is not a new trend, and in my opinion, not one to worry about! :) Many sites linked from Ajaxian don’t use XHR and even state so right up front, yet they are considered interesting or otherwise relevant to the readership of this site.

XHR is just a very small part of what makes Javascript a fun language to work with, as evidenced by the number of articles that don’t use any XHR whatsoever (ie. URL parser library, Open-JACOB Draw 2D, etc.) I think if only Ajax libraries were posted all the time, the site would be pretty boring.

Comment by Scott Schiller — November 25, 2006

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Trackback by nablpwp — November 27, 2006

i tried once time!
and it is so great!

Comment by song — December 2, 2006


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Trackback by sucxxcvc — December 4, 2006

Big bunch of whining nancies, get over yourselves.

Thx for the link Dion, some might find it a handy time saver if they need a quick set of tabs for an app.

Comment by enzo — December 17, 2006


Comment by CSSer — March 16, 2007

Controversy creates cash :)

Comment by Chin — August 1, 2007

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