Friday, May 14th, 2010

CSS3 Modules documented in one place

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CSS3 has a lot of great stuff in it. Transforms, new layout, media query, CSS object model, you name it. How do you keep up with the specs?

That is what Šime Vidas thought, so he whipped together a little iframe love:

Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:23 am

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So, with HTML 5, layout tables, CSS, JavaScript and iframes it is possible to simulate … frames. Impressive.

This might even be useful if the left column scrolled so all the items in it were available.

Comment by dorward — May 14, 2010

I like it but would prefer the jump links to link to the contents page, skipping the page headers – i.e. instead of

Comment by MarcusT — May 14, 2010

Hi dorward,
I designed the site so that all items are visible in all browsers that have an innerHeight of at least 650. This should be enough for all desktop and notebook users.
(For 1280×800 visitors with lots of custom browser toolbars, I recommend going into full-screen.)
According to the statistics I get from Google, only a minority of visitors has a screen height lower than 800…

Comment by simevidas — May 14, 2010

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