Thursday, April 15th, 2010

CSSDesk: A playground for CSS

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We have seen a lot of playgrounds out there with JS Fiddle being the most recent. The latest is CSS Desk. It is an incredibly simple playground where you put in HTML and CSS, and see a live preview. That is it.

However, Pixel Matrix Design… the folks behind it… show that they design very clean and beautiful web apps.


It looks and feels SproutCore/Cappuccino-esque, but it is actually simple markup with sprinkling of jQuery. Nice animations and drop over effects. Click on the toggle buttons. Click on the arrows for drop downs and panel show/hide. Very nice.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:14 am

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dosn’t work for IE8. i take so much time to make my webapps work crossbrowser. why don’t other people?

Comment by Novalis — April 15, 2010

nice site, but doesnt work in IE6 either. throwing a lot of JS errors.

Comment by keithics — April 15, 2010

No problem with linux + mac + firefox + chrome + safari + opera…
No problem with CSSDesk, stop complaining about it…the problem is obvious: IE
Stop using IE…problem solved ;)

Comment by golimpio — April 15, 2010

Nice playground for css. It’s a pity that you can’t mess around with IE, but even so it’s a nice job

Comment by auspex — April 15, 2010

Understand your audience. If this is a developer tool, maybe the number of IE users going to this page is going to be very small. That’s a trade-off they have to decide for themselves.

That being said, there are some bizarre Mac only font choices on this page.

Comment by zachleat — April 15, 2010

@zachleat If the tool is for developers would you want native IE support to test in for those users? I mean according to your logic they should be sniffing for IPhone, IPod, and IPad users either but they do. How many developers do frontend work from their IPhone?

Comment by theDwalker — April 15, 2010

Well, in my opinion as a developer this sort of tools should work everywhere, or at least in the latest versions, because they give you the chance of testing, in this case css in different browsers. If I can’t test in IE with it… well, it’s not a playground. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, it’s a really good job, but I can’t really use it for development purpose unless IE disappear completely (I really wish ;-)

Comment by auspex — April 15, 2010

This isn’t a bad application, it does remind me a little of Firebug but perhaps more useful when you don’t have Dreamweaver and you need to see what something looks like quickly when you are hand coding.

Comment by glitzybingo1 — September 11, 2010

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