Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Apple’s CSS and SVG work starts to make it to W3C

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On Friday, the SVG and CSS working groups of the W3C published the first working drafts of Apple’s proposed graphics and styling extensions:

The CSS and
SVG Working Groups delivered today
five new specifications for public review, aimed at enabling more compelling content creation with open Web technologies. The five drafts are:
SVG Transforms 1.0, Part 2: Language, CSS 2D Transforms Module Level 3, CSS 3D Transforms Module Level 3, CSS Animations Module Level 3, and CSS Transitions Module Level 3.
SVG Transforms allows two-dimensional objects to be transformed using three-dimensional transformations.
CSS 2D Transforms allows elements rendered by CSS to be transformed in two-dimensional space. CSS 3D Transforms extends CSS Transforms to allow elements rendered by CSS to be transformed in three-dimensional space. CSS Animations allow an author to modify CSS property values over time. CSS Transitions allows property changes in CSS values to occur smoothly over a specified duration.
The groups are working closely together to make implementing and authoring these features easy and consistent across Web languages.
Learn more about the Style Activity and Graphics Activity.

Thanks to Harry Underwood for pointing this out to us!

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The style activity link should be: http://www.w3.org/Style/Activity

Comment by elazutkin — March 24, 2009

This is awesome! Its been great to see how flexible the SVG Working Group has been the last year to many of these kinds of outside things, including embedding SVG into normal text/html HTML 5 markup; CSS-based ways of doing SVG animation and masks; etc.

Comment by Brad Neuberg — March 24, 2009

I hope they revise the way css animations are done before accepting them. There’s a huge control gap between doing animations in css and trying to fine tune them via javascript. I wrote about it a while back here:

Comment by waynep — March 24, 2009

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