Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Cuzillion Video and High Performance Book

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Steve Souders has some more rules for us, as he announces a new book that he is working on. His preliminary view of the chapters are:

  1. Split the initial payload
  2. Load scripts without blocking
  3. Don’t scatter scripts
  4. Split dominant content domains
  5. Make static content cookie-free
  6. Reduce cookie weight
  7. Minify CSS
  8. Optimize images
  9. Use iframes sparingly
  10. To www or not to www

Steve has a call out to the community on thoughts for rules that you would like to see him cover:

The book should be out in early 2009. As I continue my research on web performance here at Google I’ll come up with another 5-10 rules to include. But I also wanted to ask you for suggested rules. What do you think is the performance killer for your web app? Better yet, what performance best practices have you discovered? For example, I think 3rd party rich media (Flash and JavaScript) ads are the long pole in the tent for many sites, and knowing the best way to embed widgets is growing more and more important.

I got to sit down with Steve to discuss the Cuzillion tool that we posted on last week. Steve talks about the project, and then walks us through a screencast showing how he found a problem with Orkut, and solved it.

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