Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

CVI Lab: A showcase for canvas effects

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Christian Effenberger has built a lot of unobtrusive canvas-based libraries and thought it would be a good idea to generate a showcase in form of a WYSIWYG application, in order to get a fast impression of theavailable CVI effects and their illustration qualities.

The CVI lab is now out there, with just the curl effect available right now, with the others coming soon.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:50 am

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Pretty neat. I wonder if it could also be turned into an animation.
Unfortunately their license is far to restrictive for widespread adoption.

Comment by Arnold Daniels — October 9, 2007

It crashes my Firefox under WinXP, as soon as I press the ‘start’ button. Anyone else getting the same problem?

Comment by Max Shirshin — October 9, 2007

Is this the same kind of stuff as used for the annoying add in the corner of http://coldfusion.sys-con.com/ ?

Comment by Jon Hartmann — October 9, 2007

hmmm…. for me only the curl effect works (FF2, WinXP)

Comment by Andreas Stephan — October 9, 2007

ups, sorry, i should have finished reading the article ;)

Comment by Andreas Stephan — October 9, 2007

buggy as hell , at least not really working in opera =/

Comment by mefisto — October 9, 2007

perhaps posthing things that don’t have a “under constrcution” sign on them might be a good idea. “Hey look at this really cool thing!! Nothing works but what’s not working is really cool. Really, believe me it is!”

Comment by vance Dubberly — October 9, 2007

[b]mefisto:[/b] WFM in Opera. But I’m not sure that such things bring more value than just showcase.

Comment by Mathieu 'p01' Henri — October 9, 2007

@vance — That said, this is still a pretty awesome idea. The browser-based photoshop filter browser, version 0.1

Comment by Ted — October 10, 2007

Today I’ve added support for edge and instant.
The other effects will come soon.

Application has been tested with IE6, FF1.5/2.0, Opera9, Safari2 on Win and Mac.
FF2 and Opera9 supports to download the modified image.

If you get in trouble, please send me an email!

Comment by Christian Effenberger — October 10, 2007

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