Friday, January 25th, 2008

Debug apps with Drosera for Windows

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We all talk about Firebug, which is a fantastic tool for debugging, but there are some others out there. WebKit comes with Drosera, which until now has been hard to get going on Windows (you could build from source).

Now Drosera is in WebKit nightlies on Windows as Kevin McCullough of Apple told us:

Our JavaScript debugger Drosera is available in the Windows nightlies, and I would love to get some help testing and finding issues. Drosera will not work with the Safari beta, but should automatically connect to the nightly it’s downloaded with. Simply use the run-drosera script that’s now included. I’m excited to bring Drosera to Windows and I hope it becomes a go-to tool for your Windows JS investigating, testing, and development.

Do you care? Are you on Windows and have been jealous of the Apple debugging love?

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:39 am

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Well, I don’t know Drosera, but I’m sure it should be an amazing tool.

Though, Firebug is a really high bar to surpass in my opinion, and it’s really easy to use as well.

So I won’t be giving it a try until I have a simple “click here to try” button. Till then, I’ll stick to Firebug for all of my “debugging love”.

Comment by Toledo — January 25, 2008

I tried getting this working a few days ago on Windows. I still have not been able to get it to run successfully.

It says that it is bundled with a version of Safari (not beta), which I cannot find this “bundled” version. I’m sure they will figure it out, but I’ve wanted some debugging for Safari on Windows for a long time. I’ll continue to wait patiently until they get things smoothed out and running with the beta latest Windows version of Safari.

Comment by Marc — January 25, 2008

Jealous no, we’ve had debuggin on IE and FF for a long time. It’s a good thing this comes to WebKit.
No would Opera kindly offer a debugger too?

Comment by Bertrand Le Roy — January 25, 2008


may I know what are the fonts for the code shown in the screenshot?

the fonts for function create_click()

They are nice to have for development environment.


Comment by web20user — January 25, 2008

Has someone got it working? I’ve downloaded the latest nightly, but it’s the most unstable ever seen! Whenever I try to load a page, it always crashes!
Should I uninstall Safari 3 (the official Apple version) completely? (I just put the nightly in its own private folder and tried starting it from there)

Comment by Upanisad — January 26, 2008

@web20user — the font looks like Monaco. It’s my terminal font of choice on OS X (Monaco 13pt anti-aliased).

Comment by thenobot — January 27, 2008

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