Thursday, October 19th, 2006

Declarative Ajax Components and XML Namespaces

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Dave Johnson has delved into the world of Declarative Ajax Components and XML Namespaces.

His article discusses the usage of XML namespaces, and how they are supported in IE and Firefox.

He pondors the xml way:

  1. <ntb :grid ... />

and the microformaty way:

  1. <div oatype="ntb:grid" ... />

Many frameworks support both so you can argue it out with your coworkers.

Many people think that namespaces are totally broken with IE, but he points to a MSDN article that talks about:

  1. <html xmlns:mynamespace>

and shows us some icky CSS:

  1. ntb\:panel {border:1px solid red;display:block;}

Boris Zbarsky really adds to this piece as he stands up for FF by pointing to true CSS namespaces and sending xhtml as text/html considered harmful.

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i thought this is a stupid thing…

Comment by chenggn — October 19, 2006

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