Friday, May 1st, 2009

Deep Leap: Teasing John Resig

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John has been working on a very fun scrabble typing game called Deep Leap and although he hasn’t finished it yet, people found it (John, time to learn about .htaccess ? ;)

Just to tease him a little more and get the word out before it is finished, check it out!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 4:33 pm

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Old news:

Comment by TNO — May 2, 2009

John Resig would invent JavaScript Based Access Control (I’m already coining the term JSBAC here before he can) before he would even consider .htaccess

John Resig is like Web 2.0’s Chuck Norris!

Comment by SchizoDuckie — May 2, 2009

very nice, but I wonder why he didn’t go with the same letter and point distributions as in scrabble…

Comment by thnkfstr — May 2, 2009

@thnkfstr: 1) Because Scrabble letters aren’t distributed evenly 2) That distribution is according to a very specific dictionary (whereas Deepleap’s is much more expansive) 3) It only works for the English language. I definitely plan on expanding the game to support other languages and need the letters to be distributed the same, no matter the language set (English to start, will add Spanish, French, German, and Italian, as well).

Comment by JohnResig — May 3, 2009

s c s v r k b

Can I buy a vowel?

Comment by Nosredna — May 3, 2009

As a scrabble lover, I really enjoyed trying this out. Thanks, John.

Comment by eyelidlessness — May 3, 2009

@JohnResig Great job. I love word games and this one is a lot of fun. Just curious, are you using a dictionary API or just a word list? I look forward to seeing what else you add to it. A few ideas/suggestions:

-A random rearrange button because sometimes looking at the letters in a different order helps.
-A way to save personal scores and an overall leaderboard.
-Double-clicking on a letter adds it to the input, dragging rearranges.
-A numerical timer in addition to the graphical one.
-Head to head, similar to Google’s image matching game.
-A mathematical version of some type? I’m not quite sure how this would work, but perhaps something similar to sudoku. Maybe you have to add up to a certain number or make a multiple of a certain number.
-Levels. Vary the speed, difficulty, point awarded, etc. With enough data from people playing, you should know which games are the hardest before very long.
-A Facebook app?

Comment by VirtuosiMedia — May 3, 2009

really nice

a bug: sometimes at some point all letters start coming in (the first one dissapears) very, very fast…. and then my browser choakes with alert windows

Comment by DamirSecki — May 4, 2009

Great job John Resig! I really love this game :)

Comment by hquinn — May 8, 2009

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