Monday, August 4th, 2008

Deft-fully using Dojo and Flex

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Tom Trenka of SitePen has created a new top-level Dojo package called Deft which “focuses on ActionScript components created in support of the various projects within the Dojo Toolkit (mostly for DojoX). Deft source files are well organized based in part on the organization of other Dojo Toolkit projects, as well as the package structure required by the Flex compiler. Most Flex applications are based on the Flex AS3 Application class, which forces you to write at least one “controlling” MXML file in order compile your code. Instead of this, Deft components inherit primarily from the Sprite class — which allows you to write pure ActionScript code.”

It contains a few goodies in it including the multi-image uploader, and pre-alpha quality support for dojox.gfx. Future plans include support for audio and video. “Hopefully Adobe will continue its current path towards being open source friendly, helping Deft flourish.”

The article goes into detail on downloading the Flex SDK so you can build applications with it.

This is an interesting experiment in the melding of Flash and Ajax techniques. I would love to see the Flash player giving us more access via simple JavaScript, so we don’t even need to create SWF bridges.

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I want to mention Mike Wilcox, who pushes Deft together with Tom Trenka. Great job, guys, keep the ball rolling!

Comment by elazutkin — August 4, 2008

This looks fun. I may try it this week. I can’t say I understand the roadmap for Deft, though. Seems like it’s just getting up and running, but I’m not sure what direction it’s going.
What’s the point of it, exactly? To provide services for future widgets in a nice AJAX-friendly way? That’s the best I can figure.

Comment by Nosredna — August 4, 2008

You’re right–we’re just getting the project up and running, and there is not much there yet. In terms of direction…the point is as you guessed, to provide a way of getting more things out of a browser than we currently have, such as audio/video–as well as make up for the shortcomings in certain browsers.

Comment by ttrenka — August 4, 2008

Will future widgets depend on Flash being installed? Or will they always have to laboriously have some fallback if Flash is absent or too old? I’m not saying that’s a terrible thing (Flash is in, what, 95% of browsers). I’m just curious. If a future Dojo widget depends upon Flash, will it prompt the user to install or turn on Flash?

Comment by Nosredna — August 4, 2008

I’m unsure of how much of Dojo I need for this. Do I need to download he whole furball?

Comment by Nosredna — August 4, 2008

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