Monday, December 19th, 2005

Degradable Live Search AHAH

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Daniele Florio has taken AHAH: Asychronous HTML and HTTP and built a simple live search example.

The search degrades by having the live search happen on key presses, and getting rid of submit buttons if JavaScript is turned on:

<body onload="javascript:disableSubmit()">

function liveSearch(){
	window.setTimeout("submit('liveSearch.php', 'GET')", 1); 
function disableSubmit(){
	document.forms[0] = "hidden";


Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:38 am

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What happened to the tag?

Comment by Anton — December 19, 2005

(argh.. are all “greater/lesser than” chars blocked, even when properly spaced?)

What happened to the noscript tag?

Comment by Anton — December 19, 2005

Hi Anton,

thanks for your advice, but this is a simple first example of liveSearch. Is possible to improve it, but I think that the important thing is that application is degradable and works without javascript. However, if you have others advice, please let me know at daniele[at]



Comment by Daniele Florio — December 19, 2005

Just what we need, ANOTHER meaningless acronym

Comment by Tom Robinson — December 20, 2005

acronym? What do you say? Degradable is not an acronym….Degradable means that application works correctly without all requirements.

I’m using AHAH… I don’t understand your post…



Comment by Daniele Florio — December 20, 2005

[…] “degradabile” ossia funzionante anche per i browser che hanno javascript disattivato ( un altro esempio di LiveSearch in AHAH degradabile è stato pubblicato anche su ) […]

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I’d like to inform you that I have developed an AHAHImageUploader
that you can see here :


Thanks to all


Comment by Daniele Florio — May 3, 2006

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