Friday, December 9th, 2005

Desiging and Building With Ajax – slides, code and resources

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Yesterday Ben, Dion, and yours truly went down to Chicago for Adaptive Path’s Designing and Building with Ajax workshop. It was a full day event with presentations from Jesse James Garrett and Ben and Dion, followed by breakout sessions in the afternoon and a final panel discussion.

The crowd was a great mix of designers and developers, and there were some great questions and discussion going on between sessions. I’ve attended several of the No Fluff Just Stuff events, and while they are the best technical sessions money can buy, they are very limited to programmers and developers. It was nice to see that this event mixed the design folks and development folks. The age of the generalizing specialist is here, and it can only be good for the two groups to crossover and learn from each other. Thanks to everyone who attended!

It was announced that there would be slides and code up at right away, but since Ben and Dion are on their way to Javapolis in Europe right now I’m just going to post what I have access to now. I can’t set up that redirect, though, so a regular post will have to do.

Slides and Sample Code

Resources and sites discussed

This covers the bulk of what was talked about – if I’m missing any links or resources we covered just let us know: .

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i am a new

Comment by maildengxj — December 10, 2005

Ajaxan RSS reader doesn’t seem to be doing anything… If anybody got it working, please let know.

Comment by tench — December 10, 2005

For the RSS reader, you’ll need a valid bloglines account, and you’ll also have to allow the cross domain request when your browser prompts you. In IE it probably won’t work at all if you have the security settings set too high.

Comment by Rob Sanheim — December 10, 2005

Got the RSS reader working:
Deploy locally, open in Firefox (it was broken in IE for me).
Allow cross-domain access, enter bloglines password.
RSS reader gets feeds.

Comment by Julien Couvreur — December 10, 2005

You mention that one version caches data locally using the /tmp directory. Could you clarify? I didn’t see any code related to /tmp…

Comment by Julien Couvreur — December 10, 2005

We’re glad to see the materials posted

However, the first to links, to the presentations, are 404. Any ideas?

– Nate

Comment by Nate — December 12, 2005

Do you have a copy of the DOJO presentation that Dion wnet over? I also have a question based on the DOJO presentation. If I remember correctly, the ‘package’ has something in it that handles form posts. Do you have any more information on that?

Comment by Keith Levy — December 12, 2005

Anyone create one of these for a WORDPRESS plug-in yet?

Comment by JOSEPH — December 20, 2005

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