Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Designing Web Interfaces with Bill Scott and Theresa Neil

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Bill Scott presented Designing Web Interfaces, a slideshow based on core items from his book (co-authored by Theresa Neil).

There are some really interesting posts on the site, such as 30 Essential Controls. Theresa has been pinging the major frameworks and will be posting a matrix of coverage by the various frameworks. But more generally it is a nice checklist of controls that can liven up an interface.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:05 am

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Relly good presentation. I think the book is worth reading too.

Comment by michalfrackowiak — February 4, 2009

Very interesting. I’ve gotten about a 3rd of the way through it and have seen ONE slide on accessibility. It seems like we JavaScript ninjas can use all of these great UI functionalities, but most are completing forgetting the affect on how (in)accessible the app/site becomes. What about a screenreader that has JavaScript enabled???

Comment by JoeMcCann — February 4, 2009

I always irk when these presentations get to an unnecessary example for drag&drop. Being a web interface, D&D should be the exception, not the rule, as it goes against the principle of least surprise. Maybe they got too eager to showcase it, but using Drag and Drop to re-order rows is plain wrong IMHO.

Comment by icoloma — February 10, 2009

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