Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Details of button padding in various browsers

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After building a slide deck with Ben, you learn the art of a perfectionist. He would love Chris Hester’s posting on button padding that shows you how your buttons look on various browsers and operating systems. Even been frustrated when you try to style things on the Mac?

Here are a few of his findings:

  • IE 6 and 7 apply extra padding to buttons with < 2px, but IE 8 doesn’t
  • IE 8 and Opera add borders to all standard buttons if you zoom large enough
  • Padding on the standard buttons has no effect on Mac Firefox, and Safari on both Mac and Windows

Button Padding

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:32 am

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The “native widget” and “consistent widgets across platforms” camps need to use tools/information like this to see that “consistent widgets across platforms” is the only method that decreases the amount of BS that web designers and implementors have to put up with in the long run. We’re all already still dealing with the crappiness that is Internet Explorer, do we really want another non-standard thing to deal with.

Write your browser vendor today and tell them we need consistent widget rendering across platforms, even without styling.

Comment by AndyB — May 6, 2008

Here is how you can style a button, even on FireFox: http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=547059

Comment by Wabbitseason — May 7, 2008

Users want platform-native widget rendering, this is a given. Any designer who intends to serve their user base just has to suck it up and build a design that deals with unpredictable widget layout. All browsers need to at least offer the capability for platform-native widgets.

Comment by Joeri — May 7, 2008

@AndyB: I don’t know if using block elements inside inline elements is that much better.

@Wabbitseason: BS. I f an element brings in something like a border, padding and margin (and button does that… accross all platforms) than it should be at least affected by the standards we know today.

Never to late do dig up mud like these comments here… ;)

Comment by breadbaker — December 9, 2009

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